Gary’s 1971 Mod T

This beautiful vehicle was purchased by Gary and Alaine in June 5th of 2011. It is sitting on a 1971 160cc VW chassis with a 4 speed transmission and an independent rear suspension.

It was produced in 1971 in Pompano Beach Florida. In 1973 the plant burnt down stopping the production on Dolphin Mod T. The body had no manufacturing marks on it but has the distinctive Dolphin dash. After extensive research it has been found that this is now one of four left in existence. Dolphin build three different models: the Peanut, a pickup version called the Cricket, and a full length model call the Mod T.

The body consists of 3 main pieces: the main body, the hood and the commonly missing rear engine cover. The body is constructed of fiberglass and has a T front with a rounded boat tail rear, the fenders are wide lipped and flat topped. The Mod T most likely came with a canvas top  and side curtains, these parts are no longer but a memory with top frame mounting bracket and snaps as a fading reminder.

Gary and his wife Alaine purchased the car in Harrison, Michigan on June 5th 2011.