Meeting Minutes : April 2022

Meeting Minutes of April 4, 2022

Fourteen members of the Old Fort VW Club met at East State Pizza Hut for our April meeting.

After food and fellowship, the following items were discussed:

• Larry Thiel gave a report on Chuck Ellis. Chuck is getting therapy at Parkview Randalia, and is working on taking steps. Keep Chuck and Becky in your prayers.
• Kyle has done some research on T-shirt printing for the Show. Because of the cost factor, we need to stick to one color of shirt and one color of print.
• Corina showed some designs that could be used or modified to work on the shirts.
• Kyle said we need to decide on a design at the next meeting.
• Kyle has been talking with the trophy company. They can make a trophy that will be affordable.
• The Brian Foster estate sale is an online auction. There are many car parts, engines, etc.
• The Club website features several items, including the meeting minutes and a sales page. In order to see the minutes, (in case you accidentally deleted your email version,) you can use the password, OFVW2022.
• In order to advertise on the website sales page, you need to set up an account.
• Kyle distributed new Club business cards, See him if you need some.
• The May 2nd meeting will be at Portillo’s, 295 W.Coliseum Blvd, (behind Cheddar’s).
• Upcoming event: Saturday, May 21st, Cars and Coffee in Auburn…across from the ACD Museum.

Marilyn Meyer

Thank you Bill Honor for the video of the 20th Anniversary Old Fort VW Show