August Meeting 2 of 2 – 2022

Meeting Minutes of August 15, 2022
Twenty-four members of the Old Fort VW Club met at Shoaff Park for our last meeting before the Show.
 Larry Temenoff shared some updates before the meeting, regarding the coming electric blend of International Scout and Volkswagen. Larry had talked with the president of VW who was in town for a meeting. They are looking for a good location to build the new vehicle. Locals are hoping for an Indiana location, but Chatanooga, TN is also a possibility.
 Larry Thiel said that this will be a full week of preparation for the Show.
He and Ken Smith are picking up the cones on Wednesday and plan to power wash them. Friday morning is set-up, starting with coffee and donuts at 8:00 at Shoaff Park. A good group of volunteers is needed for set-up.
 Saturday morning we need to arrive as early as possible to get a head start for the day. We usually start around 7 Am with set up on Saturday.
 Club members packed the goody bags for the Show.
 Larry Thiel had put an ad for the Show in the Indiana RV magazine, but they made it sound like it was open to all cars. Larry and Kyle asked the Club if we should allow all cars; the overwhelming vote was, “NO”.
 As usual, following the Show and clean-up, there will be a brief wrap-up meeting for Club members.
 Pray for good weather on Saturday.
Marilyn Meyer, Secretary

August Meeting 1 of 2 – 2022

Meeting Minutes of August 1, 2022
Twenty-three members of the Old Fort VW Club met at Shoaff Park for our regular monthly meeting.
 Larry Temenoff announced that the International Harvester Homecoming is coming up this Friday and Saturday, August 5 & 6, from 8:30-4:00. This may be the last Harvester event, as the building is for sale. Larry will be giving tours in the back road test area. At least one food truck will be on site, and everyone is invited to come out and visit. Harvester had over 10,000 employees in 1980-81.
 Kyle has seen the prototype of the awards. He said we will be impressed.
 Gary said the photographer that we planned on for the Show is not coming. Ben Gerber will change from 50/50 and be the photographer. Mark Sadler will help with the number easel, and Gary Stetler will take Ben’s place, helping Darrold with 50/50. Gary will also take care of processing the photos.
 We will have a water melon eating contest. Gary will bring the watermelon, and Lori Ransburg will bring a knife and cutting board and cut the melon. This contest will include three different age categories. Marilyn is organizing prizes for the contest.
 Larry Thiel said we are increasing our Turtle Race from 75’- 100’ this year. Lori is picking up Turtle Wax for prizes. The helpers in the Slow Race include Lori, Kyle and Bob Berger.
 Our next meeting will be August 15th, to pack goody bags. We will meet again at Shoaff Park. Please arrive between 6:00-6:30, and bring a chair if possible. If you happen to have items for the goody bags, bring them along, as well.
 The Grabill Parade is coming up September 10th, so mark your calendar for another fun event.
Marilyn Meyer

Thank you Bill Honor for the video of the 20th Anniversary Old Fort VW Show