Meeting Minutes : September 2022

Meeting minutes of September 12, 2022
 Twenty-three members of the Old Fort VW Club met at PU Garage 3 for our monthly meeting. This was basically a wrap-up meeting of the car show, and celebration with cake and ice cream.
 Numbers were called out for door prize winners of a few left over coupons, and Mike Courtney won the grand prize of the bucket of trash. Congrats, Mike!!
 Kyle brought up a situation of someone asking Club members to help with car repair. The question to the Club was do we do this? We have a few members who get together on Wednesdays to help with certain projects that need attention, but we need a policy on who can be helped. The suggestion was that the volunteers who do the work should be the ones to establish and recommend the policy. They will talk it over.
 Chuck and Becky Ellis are planning to host the next meeting, on October 3rd, at their home at 5796 County Rd. 51, St. Joe. Larry Thiel and Ken Smith plan to go out and get the wood ready for the bonfire. Plan to bring a dish to share and your own chair.
 Kyle said that the Club needs to purchase a few items such as Parade flags to enhance our image. He will show pictures of such flags at the next meeting. Orlyn mentioned that we purchased tubs for the door prizes of our August Show, and recently ordered new pens with the Club info. Kyle would also like some new magnetic signs for parades.
 We also need to discuss donations to charitable organizations at our next meeting.
 Ben and Corina would like to host the November Chili cook-off in their new garage.
 Kyle is thinking of starting a new tradition of meeting in December for some kind of food collection, like “Pack a VW”. ….
Marilyn Meyer Secretary

Thank you Bill Honor for the video of the 20th Anniversary Old Fort VW Show