August Meeting 1 of 2 – 2022

Meeting Minutes of August 1, 2022
Twenty-three members of the Old Fort VW Club met at Shoaff Park for our regular monthly meeting.
 Larry Temenoff announced that the International Harvester Homecoming is coming up this Friday and Saturday, August 5 & 6, from 8:30-4:00. This may be the last Harvester event, as the building is for sale. Larry will be giving tours in the back road test area. At least one food truck will be on site, and everyone is invited to come out and visit. Harvester had over 10,000 employees in 1980-81.
 Kyle has seen the prototype of the awards. He said we will be impressed.
 Gary said the photographer that we planned on for the Show is not coming. Ben Gerber will change from 50/50 and be the photographer. Mark Sadler will help with the number easel, and Gary Stetler will take Ben’s place, helping Darrold with 50/50. Gary will also take care of processing the photos.
 We will have a water melon eating contest. Gary will bring the watermelon, and Lori Ransburg will bring a knife and cutting board and cut the melon. This contest will include three different age categories. Marilyn is organizing prizes for the contest.
 Larry Thiel said we are increasing our Turtle Race from 75’- 100’ this year. Lori is picking up Turtle Wax for prizes. The helpers in the Slow Race include Lori, Kyle and Bob Berger.
 Our next meeting will be August 15th, to pack goody bags. We will meet again at Shoaff Park. Please arrive between 6:00-6:30, and bring a chair if possible. If you happen to have items for the goody bags, bring them along, as well.
 The Grabill Parade is coming up September 10th, so mark your calendar for another fun event.
Marilyn Meyer

Meeting Minutes – July 2022


Meeting Minutes of July 11. 2022

  •   Twenty-four members and friends of the Old Fort VW Club met at Shoaff Park for our July meeting.
  •   Kyle said he talked with the lady at Valer Trophies again. She is ready and willing to go ahead with our order if we are in agreement. Club agreed to proceed with the order.
  •   Kyle still has some of the 20th anniversary shirts in Medium and Large sizes. If you want one, they are $15.00. See Kyle.
  •   Larry Thiel announced that more sweatshirts cannot be ordered at this time. We would have to order at least 25 shirts, and the cost would be considerably higher than it was with the original order.
  •   Thanks to Club members for bringing so many nice door prizes. They will be counted and organized soon so that we know how many items we have so far.
  •   Graber Porta Pots will bring two Porta Pots out on Friday morning, August 19th about 9 AM. We have asked for one regular unit and one disabled accessible unit.
  •   Kyle and Larry need plenty of workers setting up for the Show on Friday, August 19th. They will begin at 8:00, with coffee and donuts.
  •   The St. Joe Pickle Parade is coming up Saturday, July 16th. We are planning to meet at Cherry Park at 11:00. Bring a sack lunch, if you wish. We will hang out for a bit before lining up for the Parade, which begins at 1:00. Directions: Take State Rd. 1 to St. Joe. At the stop sign, go straight ahead, and over the railroad tracks. You will come to Cherry Park on your right. Marilyn Meyer

Our next meeting will be Monday, August 1st, at Shoaff Park. Please

arrive between 6:00-6:30, and bring a chair, if possible.

Meeting Minutes : June 2022

Meeting Minutes of June 6, 2022

Seventeen members of the Old Fort VW Club met at the Purdue Parking Garage 3 for our
monthly meeting, with the threat of a pending rain storm.
 Welcome, new member, Carla Barrett! You are joining a great team of VW enthusiasts!
Carla has a 1970 orange Beetle that is soon to be restored.
 Kyle said that Vorderman VW has donated $500 towards our trophy expense. They are
also replacing their signage, and will have an old sign that we can use as a raffle item at
the Show.
 Sweetwater cannot donate this year. They said they have already reached their
allotment for contributions for the year.
 Trophies will include the Top Ten in each category, Best in Show, and Longest Distance.
 The trophy design will be like our T-shirt design, cut in metal.
 Kyle has all the registration cards and necessary paper work printed.


 Larry Thiel suggested that we sell the shirts for $12.00, instead of $15.00, just to make
sure that they do sell. He is concerned that attendance may be down, due to the price
of gas. MM&P
 Kyle said the dash plaques can be in brushed silver, with royal blue print, to match our
shirts, if we choose. Club voted for the matching theme. They come to .98 each, plus
$14.95 shipping, and we get a $25 gift card from Rock Auto. We are ordering 125 dash
 Orlyn showed a sample of a new pen that is available for .69 each, plus shipping and tax.
Kyle said to go ahead and order the pens; we are getting low on the old ones.
 We do need to be collecting Door prize items. Please report at the next meeting if you
have any items to contribute.
 Several Club members are recuperating; please keep them in your prayers: Chuck and
Becky Ellis, Dave Strassburg having eye problems, and Gary Stetler recuperating from
pneumonia. We had a good report that Churck Ellis is making progress. We are all
pulling for you, Chuck!
Marilyn Meyer, Secretary

Meeting Minutes : May 2022

Meeting Minutes of May 2, 2022

Nineteen members of the Old Fort VW Club met at Portillos for our monthly meeting!
Following food and fellowship, the following items were discussed:
 Kyle said Rock Auto is supplying goody bag items again for the Show.
 Orlyn sent the affidavit of current insurance to Daryn Swartz of the Parks Department,
so we are good for our Park permit.
 Food Vendor and Whip and Chill are scheduled. VW Club workers will eat for half price.
 The D.J. is scheduled
 Porta Pots are reserved.
 Kyle has letters for donations
 Kyle will call for the Honor Guard participants
 The T-shirt order is in process. Thank you, Larry and Ann Thiel, for checking on T-shirt
companies and finding the best deal for the Show! Corina came up with a nice design
that will be used for the shirts.
 Club members signed up to order shirts. Both short sleeved shirts and sweatshirts are
available for members. The shirts will be gray with royal blue print. Other colors of
shirts are not easily available, but the gray is available.
 Larry will order 75 shirts to sell at the Show, besides what Club members order. Shirts
will sell for $15. 00 each at the Show.


May 3, 2022 – Monticello, Sportsman Inn, every Tuesday 5-8

May 5, 2022 – Bluffton, 995 N. Main St., Cruise-in, 5-8, 260-466-1628

May 5, 2022 – Middlebury, Essenhaus, Every Thursday Cruise-in, 4:30-8
May 5, 2022 – Burlington, Coffee Shop, St. Rd. 29, cruise-in, 4-7
May 5, 2022 – Bunker Hill, Miami Correctional Facility, 10-2, 765-432-2409 (RD 6th)

May 6, 2022 – Warsaw, Downtown, 1st Friday, cruise-in, 5-8

May 7, 2022 – Winamac, 110 N. Franklin St., 9-3, 574-595-0217
May 7, 2022 – West Lafayette, Vettes for Vets, 4449 IN 43, 10-3, 765-412-7984
May 7, 2022 – Tipton, Dan Young Chevrolet, 9-3
May 7, 2022 – Syracuse, 12889 N. Kern Rd., 8-1

May 14, 2022 – Kokomo, Highland Park, 8-2, 765-432-5197
May 14, 2022 – Gas City, Gas City Park, cruise-in, 4-11
May 14, 2022 – Bluffton, Family Ford, 9-3, 260-466-1628
May 14, 2022 – Crawfordsville, 1408 Darlington Ave., 10-4
May 14, 2022 – Marion, 50th St. & St. Rd. 9, 9-3 765-664-3734
May 14, 2022 – Warsaw, Toyota of Warsaw, 448 W 250 N, 9-6, 574-527-9563
May 14, 2022 – Burnettsville, Bee Hive, Cruise-in, 12-?, 574-870-4253
May 14, 2022 – Lafayette, 3839 Teal Road, Long John Silvers, 10-3, 765-586-0618

May 15, 2022 – Muncie, Cammack Station, 9200 W. Jackson St. 3-7
May 15, 2022 – Warsaw, Downtown Square, 12-4:30, 574-527-9563

May 21, 2022 – Monticello, AMVETS Post 91, 219 Northwest Ave., 9-3, 219-313-2460
May 21, 2022 – Marion, 1700 S. Pennsylvania St., American Legion Post 10, 10-3,
May 21, 2022 – Portland, W. Main St. & US27, 1-7, 260-417-6065

May 22, 2022 – Valparaiso, 215E Division Rd., car show, swap meet, 10-4, 708-821-6941

May 28, 2022 – Frankfort, TPA Park, 11-3, 606-307-4657

May 30, 2022 -Laketon, Hwy 114 and Ogden Rd., 9-3, 260-438-0341

Meeting Minutes : April 2022

Meeting Minutes of April 4, 2022

Fourteen members of the Old Fort VW Club met at East State Pizza Hut for our April meeting.

After food and fellowship, the following items were discussed:

• Larry Thiel gave a report on Chuck Ellis. Chuck is getting therapy at Parkview Randalia, and is working on taking steps. Keep Chuck and Becky in your prayers.
• Kyle has done some research on T-shirt printing for the Show. Because of the cost factor, we need to stick to one color of shirt and one color of print.
• Corina showed some designs that could be used or modified to work on the shirts.
• Kyle said we need to decide on a design at the next meeting.
• Kyle has been talking with the trophy company. They can make a trophy that will be affordable.
• The Brian Foster estate sale is an online auction. There are many car parts, engines, etc.
• The Club website features several items, including the meeting minutes and a sales page. In order to see the minutes, (in case you accidentally deleted your email version,) you can use the password, OFVW2022.
• In order to advertise on the website sales page, you need to set up an account.
• Kyle distributed new Club business cards, See him if you need some.
• The May 2nd meeting will be at Portillo’s, 295 W.Coliseum Blvd, (behind Cheddar’s).
• Upcoming event: Saturday, May 21st, Cars and Coffee in Auburn…across from the ACD Museum.

Marilyn Meyer

Meeting Minutes : March 2022


Meeting Minutes of March 7, 2022 

Seventeen members of the Old Fort VW Club met at Liberty Diner for our March meeting.  Following food and fellowship, the following items were discussed: 

∙ Ken Smith gave an update on Chuck Ellis. Please keep Chuck and Becky in your  prayers, as Chuck works with therapists towards recovery. 

∙ Kyle has been updating the website. He will soon have photos on the site from our  Car Shows in recent years.  

∙ Web page for Members Meeting Minutes on Club Site, ∙ Website Sale Page available; to Post, must log in. 

∙ Car Show August 20th—Advertised in two car Magazines, Hot V-Dubs, and The  Samba. 

∙ Show also listed in the Kroozin’ Calendar 

∙ Show Vendors are lined up; the Park permit will be obtained after we pay our  insurance in April. 

∙ Bob Chapman’s granddaughter worked on a T-shirt design. We can let her know if  we have any suggestions. See her original design below. 

∙ Kyle said the Indy Circle City Club has become disorganized. Their recent Car Shows  have turned into a weekend campout, but have not attracted many cars. Their  president has asked Kyle to take over as interim president for a few months and try  to organize the Club. 

∙ Larry Thiel has studied our insurance policy. The annual cost is up just two dollars,  for an annual charge of $191.00. The fee is due in April. MM&P to continue our  policy, as needed. 

∙ Kyle said he has numerous goody bag items coming in for the Show. Valer can make  a nice trophy with a pewter insert in our license plate holders. Hopefully,  Vordermans will be willing to sponsor our trophies again this year. 

∙ Bob Berger is a volunteer at the ACD Museum. He announced the ACD Cars and  Coffee coming up on May 21st, 9-11. The event takes place across the street from  the ACD Museum. 

The next meeting is April 4th, at the East State Pizza Hut, 3820 East State Street. Please arrive between 6:00-6:30, and feel free to order as you arrive. 

Meeting Minutes : February 2022


Meeting Minutes of February 7, 2022

Seventeen members of the Old Fort VW Club met at Pizza Hut on East State Street.

After food and fellowship, the following items were addressed.

  • Kyle has a few VW mugs left that were given out to members for Christmas.  If anyone would like to purchase an extra mug, they are $20 each.
  • Thank you to those who have paid the annual dues.  If you haven’t paid for 2022, you may send a check of $25 made out to Old Fort VW, and mail it to :   Orlyn Meyer, 9327 Flutter Road, Fort Wayne, IN  46835.  Or bring it to the March 7th meeting.   The annual fee is due by the March meeting.
  • Ken Smith gave an update on Chuck Ellis.  Chuck is having therapy, and is learning to write with his left hand.  He gave a thumbs up to Becky.  We are thankful for his improvement.  Keep both Chuck and Becky in your prayers.
  • For those who would like to send a card to Chuck and Becky, please send it in care of:
    Libby Antkowiak, 16625 S. 35th Street, Phoenix, AZ  85048
  • The following preparations are confirmed for the August 20th Car Show:
    The Ad to the Kroozin Calendar, The Park Reservation is pending (insurance due in April.)
     D.J. Eddie, The BBQ Truck, The Ice Cream Truck, Graber Porta Pots and the Fliers.
  • It was suggested that we use orange (tangerine) this year for the fliers.
  • We are also looking for an artist to design our T-shirts for the Show.  Bob Chapman’s granddaughter is a young artist, and Bob will see if she is interested in the project.
  • Vorderman’s Volkswagen has a “Fill the Van” project going right now for food pantry items. 
  • Kyle said that Volksmania  and VolksAmerica are magazines that are available by subscription, and members may get 8% off of subscription price by being a member of Old Fort VW Club.  Information is available online, but Kyle will check about the details.
  • THE MARCH 7TH MEETING WILL BE AT LIBERTY DINER, 2929 GOSHEN ROAD.  Please arrive between 6:00-6:30, and feel free to order as you arrive.  We will be in the back room.

Marilyn Meyer

Meeting Minutes : January 2022


Meeting Minutes of January 9, 2022

Twenty members of the Old Fort VW Club met at Zianos Eatery on Maysville Road for our After-Christmas party.  Following the meal we enjoyed the annual gift exchange.

As we look forward to the 2022 Car Show on August 20th, Kyle said that we will be looking for an artist to work on T-shirt design.  He may even open it up to local high schools with a monetary reward for the winner.

Orlyn Meyer will be ordering the Park Permit soon, and Gary Stetler said that the food vendor will be happy to return for our Show this year.

Kyle said, “Thanks for a great year!”

Reminder:  Annual membership of $25.00 is due by the March meeting.  If you have not already paid, you may send a check made out to Old Fort VW Club to Orlyn Meyer, 9327 Flutter Road, Fort Wayne, IN  46835, or bring cash or check to the next Club meeting.

Our next meeting will be Monday, February 7th, at Pizza Hut, 3820 East State Street, Fort Wayne.  Please arrive between 6:00 and 6:30, and feel free to order as you arrive.

Marilyn Meyer,

Meeting Minutes : November 2021


Meeting minutes of November 1, 2021 

Twenty-seven members and friends met at Vorderman VW for our annual chili cook-off on  November first. After a tasty meal of five pots of chili, cornbread, and numerous desserts, we  voted on the winning chili. Congratulations go to Sue Lantzer, the chili cook-off winner! Sue  and Larry get to enjoy the colossal trophy for the coming year! 

We welcome new members, Chuck Owen and Bob and Pam Berger to our Club! 

We will not have a meeting in December, but we will have an after-Christmas party on Sunday  afternoon, January 9th, at 1:00. This includes a $10.00 white elephant gift exchange. The  location will be announced in a separate email. 

Marilyn read thank you notes from the Ellises and the Vorndran family. 

Larry Thiel said that Dave Strassburg is very ill; please keep him in your prayers. 

Larry Temenoff said that a friend is looking for an original key for a Karmenn Ghia. Chuck Ellis  said that Wolfburg has cut out stamped keys, but you need the VIN. 

Thank you to Alex Vorderman for hosting our chili cook-off!

Meeting Minutes : October 2021


Meeting Minutes of October 4. 2021 

Twenty-two members of the Old Fort VW Club met at the home of Chuck and  Becky Ellis for our October meeting, potluck dinner and fellowship. Thanks to  Chuck and Becky for hosting another fun October event. We even got to help  them celebrate their 50th anniversary with cards, cake and song! 

October 8,9,10 is the CCC Car Show, with camping available, either primitive or  full hook-up. 

Discussion of distribution of Show profits. In years past we have divided up the  proceeds between 3-4 organizations, but Ann Thiel shared a need of a young girl  that she has known for several years at St. Joe Elementary School, Morgan. Morgan was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, and is in desperate need  of a bone marrow transplant. Her parents have very little income, and are having  difficulty meeting expenses. We voted to donate $1600.00 to the family. 

Our November 1st meeting will be at Vorderman’s , for our chili cook-off. This is  a potluck meal; if you aren’t bringing chili, feel free to bring salads or desserts,  cornbread, etc. 

Bowls, spoons and napkins will be provided. Please bring your own water or soft  drinks. (No alcoholic drinks at Club events) 

Please respond to this email if you wish to order one of the glass participation  plaques from the Car Show, and I don’t list your name: 

Ken & Rhonda, Phil, Mark Sharpe, Gary, Doug Shuman, Kyle, Orlyn. They are  $17.00. 


Meeting Minutes : September 2021


September 13, 2021 

Twenty members and friends met at Shoaff Park for our September meeting. 

Kyle Shepherd asked for a treasurer’s report. Orlyn Meyer passed the report around. After taking out the  expenses for the Car Show, we had a profit of $1,826.26. We also took in six new members. 

Larry Thiel said that two walkie-talkie radios that we use for the Show have broken, and he needs to replace  them for about $20.00 for the pair. MM&P for Larry to take care of getting the radios. 

Barb Wiederman is having an auction to sell many car parts that belonged to her husband, including motors,  transmissions, tools, etc. The auction is October 3rd at 9AM. She would appreciate help. 

Several events are listed on the Club Website, or soon will be, including: 

∙ Toledo Bug Fest: $5.00 per person park entrance, plus $15 to show 

East of I-280, NE corner of Toledo. (Much road construction) 

∙ Martin, MI Show Sept 19 

∙ James Dean 9/24-25-26 

∙ Grabill Road Apple 

Larry Thiel read the first three articles of the OFVW Club Constitution. (SEE CLUB CONSTITUION). It states  that members are asked to be considerate of fellow members, and to conduct themselves in a manner that  reflects the spirit of camaraderie within our Club. All Club members are expected to treat fellow members  with respect and dignity.  

Following the reading of the three articles from the Club Constitution, Kyle read a letter that had been sent  anonymously to the Club officers, regarding an event that happened at the Show. Kyle asked Club members  what should be done. After some discussion, it was agreed that we will not have any voting on Club Cars for  the next Show. At that time, we can re-address the situation. Kyle will also be in contact with the D.J.  concerning the situation. 

The Valer Company that made the beautiful glass trophies is willing to make Club Member Show souvenirs for  $17.00 each. Anyone that wants one and did not give Marilyn your name yet, please respond to this email. 

Larry Thiel said that we need to be thinking of the Charities that should receive a donation. We will discuss  these and be voting at our October meeting. 

Our October meeting is a potluck/bonfire at Chuck & Becky Ellis’ home, 5796 County Rd. 51, St. Joe. Take State Road 1 into St. Joe, turn left on County Rd. 60, go to County Rd. 51, turn right. Continue to 5796.  Ellises will provide the meat and beverages; bring a veggie, salad or dessert, AND A CHAIR FOR THE  CAMPFIRE. Arrive 6-6:15. 

Kyle will check with Vordermans about our November Chili Cook-off. 

Marilyn Meyer

Thank you Bill Honor for the video of the 20th Anniversary Old Fort VW Show